Little Bit of Faith

James was a gentleman with a troubled background who had recently been laid off from the oil and gas industry. For many months James was unemployed, struggling to make ends meet. He often relied on family and friends to get the support he needed. Not knowing what next steps to take in his career, James was referred to the workforce center in Duncan. When the time came for James to be enrolled into the WIOA Program, his excitement began to grow. He knew that with the opportunity to obtain his CDL licensure, he would be able to adequately provide for his family and himself. James and his case manager came up with a plan for him to attend CDL training at CBM Driving Academy in Duncan, OK. James started in August of 2021 and was able to excel through his required tests within a month. Immediately following his completion of truck driving school, James was hired on through AAA Staffing where he is now making $2,100 a week. James never once let his past or other barriers affect him. He stayed motivated and never once showed any doubt about achieving his goals and dreams. James would like to thank everyone who helped him in this process. He states that he is excited to see what his future has in store. James said that anything can happen with God and patience.