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The mission of the South Central Oklahoma Workforce Board is to enhance the area’s prosperity by helping people and businesses with their workforce needs.

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Our team is dedicated to helping people and businesses overcome obstacles, reach their goals, fulfill their potential and contribute to a thriving region.

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You Could Be Our Next Success Story

Carlisha faced significant financial difficulties, relying on SNAP benefits to get by. Despite aspiring to a career in healthcare, she believed it was unattainable due to limited resources. Everything changed when she discovered the WIOA program and its supportive services. With their assistance, Carlisha enrolled in an LPN training program, receiving financial support, mentorship, and guidance along the way. Through dedication and hard work, she successfully completed her training and earned her LPN license. Now employed at Lindsay Hospital, Carlisha works as a dedicated and compassionate LPN. Her new career has not only enhanced her financial stability but also provided her with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Proud to contribute to her community and make a difference in her patients' lives, Carlisha's story highlights the transformative power of supportive services in helping individuals overcome challenges and achieve their dreams.

Carlisha Young

Adult Participant

Josiah's path to success was fraught with significant challenges. As a young adult, he struggled with being out of school, living with a disability, and facing unemployment, which led to his reliance on food stamp benefits. Despite these hurdles, Josiah was determined not to let them define his future. He took advantage of an opportunity through the WIOA Program, enrolling in a CDL training course at CBM Driving Academy in Duncan. With supportive services and his own dedication and hard work, Josiah successfully completed the program and earned his CDL license. This accomplishment opened up new opportunities, and he secured a job with Bunch Trucking. Josiah's perseverance and determination enabled him to overcome adversity and establish a fulfilling career in the trucking industry. His story is an inspiration, showing that with the right support and mindset, anyone can overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Josiah Couch

Youth Participant