Local Elected Consortium

The local elected officials (LEOs) have a central role in the creation, implementation and operation of the workforce investment system and work closely with the local workforce board.  The LEOs appoint a Chief Local Elected Official (CLEO) to make decisions unilaterally for the LEOs.  The Chief Local Elected Official for the South Central Oklahoma Workforce Investment Area is Grady County Commissioner Ralph Beard.

  • Appointing board members for the South Central Oklahoma Workforce Board;
  • Calling and chairing any needed meetings of the LEOs;
  • Signing workforce development area documents on behalf of the LEOs;
  • Approving the Workforce Development Board budget;
  • Collaborating with other local boards and CLEOs in preparation and submission of a regional and local workforce plan;
  • Developing and entering into a Memorandum of Understanding concerning the operation of the one-stop delivery system in the local area with the One-Stop Partners;
  • Being involved in defining and establishing skill standards that will drive the request for proposal process and assisting in determining appropriate vendors for the procurement of WIOA funded services;
  • In agreement with the local board designating and certifying a one-stop operator through a competitive process;
  • In partnership with the workforce development board, conducting oversight for the local youth workforce investment activities under Section 129(c) of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) , local employment and training activities authorized under subsections (c) and (d) of section 134 of the WIOA, and the one-stop delivery system in the local area.
  • Negotiating the performance levels that will be applicable to the local area.

The Consortium for the South Central Oklahoma Workforce Investment Area consists of one county commissioner from each of the eight counties in our area and the mayors from Chickasha, Duncan and Lawton.  Consortium members include:

  • Commissioner Jeff Boren, Caddo County
  • Commissioner John O'Brien, Comanche County
  • Commissioner Ricky Vardell, Cotton County
  • Commissioner Kirk Painter, Grady County
  • Commissioner Bryce Bohot, Jefferson County
  • Commissioner Murray Glen, McClain County
  • Commissioner Todd Churchman, Stephens County
  • Commissioner Roger Hoover, Tillman County
  • Mayor Chris Mosley, Mayor of City of Chickasha
  • Mayor Robert Armstrong, Mayor of City of Duncan
  • Mayor Stan Booker, Mayor of City of Lawton