Barriers Do Not Define You

Robert, a husband, and father of three young children, lost his job in late 2020. After losing his job, Robert was in a tough spot.  He was unemployed, did not have a high school diploma, and had a criminal background. So, Robert decided to return to the classroom so he could gain a high school equivalency diploma. After starting classes, Robert learned that even with SNAP benefits, unfortunately him and his family could not make ends meet while he was in school. Realizing this and needing a quick solution to his family’s financial situation, Robert met with a case manager and was enrolled in the WIOA Adult program. Robert and his case manager talked about his needs, barriers, and goals to develop an individualized employment plan. In this plan, Robert showed an interest in going to truck driving school since it is a short program and the wage for a truck driver would help to support his family.

After developing a plan, Robert got enrolled with CBM Driving Academy in Duncan so he could start training. Unfortunately, when Robert began his training, there were some difficulties that arose.  He began to not feel well and had a possible exposure to COVID. Another barrier that Robert had was a need for gas to make it to and from training. Luckily, Robert’s case manager was able to get him a gas card to help.  Even though things were though, Robert never gave up and was able to complete the training program. Shortly after completing training, Robert gained fulltime employment as a truck driver despite his background and barriers to employment. Now he is working and can provide for himself and his family. Robert recently shared with his case manager that he is honored to have the opportunity to participate in the WIOA Adult program and attend training to better his future.