Meet Sebastin!

Prior to his involvement in the WIOA program, Sebastin had recently been incarcerated. To support himself, Sebastin was working a side job for Atoka First United Methodist Church in which he was building a parsonage. After the construction was complete, Sebastin was looking for his next opportunity. Sebastin was referred to Equus with a brand-new horizon in mind. Although he did have a criminal background, he did not let that stand in his way. He had a plan in mind to go over the road with his CDL and he was ready to make that dream a reality. Sebastin saw his case manager at the workforce in Duncan and they set up a plan for him to start CBM Driving Academy to obtain his CDL. Sebastin started his training at CBM in November of 2021. He was walking back and forth to training, so his case manager was able to purchase him a bike and bike lock to help him get back and forth to his training site. He progressed well at CBM and quickly made friends with everyone there. He was a beacon of light at CBM Driving Academy, and although everyone was rooting for him to get his CDL, they were sad to see him leave. Sebastin completed his program and received his CDL licensure in January 2022. He is currently in orientation to begin his over the road trucking for Trans Am Trucking. Sebastin would like to add “Matthew 6:33: Keep YAHUAH first” and would like to thank Mallari Reed and Corey Ahlfenger for helping navigate him through this process and making his second chance possible.